Policies (T&C, Privacy policy, ...)

Your policies should always be up-to-date. If you get a warning within the app, you probably didn't update the policies for more than one year (365 days). In some cases this is ok, but to be sure you should check the content regularly and proof that everything is still matching the current legal guidelines.

You can update your policies in your admin interface at Settings > Policies. For more information, check the Shopify docs about Adding store policies. If you need new or updated terms and conditions, a privacy policy and the other legal content for your store, we highly recommend getting in contact with a lawyer. There are also some specialized and easy-to-use online services like TermsFeed to generate all the needed information.

Hint: If everything is still fine, and you want to get rid of the warning, just do a minor change like deleting and adding a space and save the policies again.

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