ShopCheck App for Shopify

Audit every aspect in your store right in your Shopify admin area.

Features You'll Love.

Audit every aspect in your store right in your Shopify admin area. ShopCheck is performing more than 70 health and quality checks and also aggregates several external services to benchmark your store.


Most comprehensive store check

ShopCheck will check your basic store settings, your store SEO, the technical quality of your theme, the use of marketing opportunities and many many more.


All results in just one app

Get all results and information right in your Shopify adin interface. You don't have to switch between numerous windows, tabs or tools.


You choose the pricing model

Choose between an one-time fee for just a single check or a recurring fee if you want to automate the health checks. It's on you.

Easy to use

Clean and Organized Interface

To make the unser interface as smooth as possible we decided to design the app just wiht known elements from the original Shopify admin interface. You don't need to learn another interface or log in anywhere. It's all right in your well-known Shopify admin area.

Video Tutorial

How-to use ShopCheck

Watch this short video to get an idea how to use ShopCheck and to see which results can be expected.

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ShopCheck app in action

Plans and Pricing.

The very first check is un on us! After the initial store check you can choose between different pricing models.




  • Free First Audit
  • No regularly checks
  • No scheduled checks
  • No performance history



per month

  • Free first audit
  • Four checks per month
  • No scheduled checks
  • 6 month performance history



per month

  • Free First Audit
  • Unlimited checks per month
  • One scheduled check per week
  • 12 month performance history

Install ShopCheck for free

The first check is on us! Do an entirely check of your store for FREE and learn what can be optimized in your store.

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